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Black латте

Коллекция мясного выбора/200г/70г (буженина, рулет куриный, язык отварной, колбаса Брауншвейгская)
Assorted meat/200g/70g (boiled salted pork, chicken roll, boiled tongue, Braunschweiger sausage)

Колбаса копченая из стола заказов/220г/1г (колбасы из фермерского экологического сырья: Столичная,
Еврейская, Татарская, Армянская, Итальянская, Брауншвейгская, Одесская)
Smoked sausage from a eco-farm/220g/1g (Stolichnaya, Jewish, Tatar, Armenian, Italian,Braunschweiger,Odessa)

  • Набор к пиву/400г Set to beer/400g 1950р. (желтый полосатик, копченый сыр Чечил, фисташки, бородинские гренки с чесноком)
  • Вяленая икра с тостами/100/40г. Dried cavair with toast/100/40g. 590р. (икра-воблы, трески, минтая)
  • Вобла/100г Caspian roach/100g 390p.
  • Пелядь/100г Peled/100g 390p.
  • Камбала с икрой/100г Flounder with caviar/100g 490p.
  • Корюшка/100г Smelt/100g 590p.
  • Корюшка х/к/100г Smelt cold-smoked/100g 590р.

  • Жигули «Крафтовое Красное»/500мл Zhiguli «Craft Red»/500ml 285p.
  • Жигули «Крафтовое Красное»/300мл Zhiguli «Craft Red»/300ml 175p.
  • Жигули «Стаут Королевский» /500мл Zhiguli «»/500ml 420p.
  • Жигули «Стаут Королевский» /300мл Zhiguli «»/300ml 280p.
  • Жигули «Крафтовое Стаут»/500мл Zhiguli «Craft Stout»/500ml 285p.
  • Жигули «Крафтовое Стаут»/300мл Zhiguli «Craft Stout»/300ml 175p.
  • Жигули «Резаное»/500мл Zhiguli «Cut» /500ml 395р.

Cosmic latte is a name assigned to the average color of the universe , found by a team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University . In 2001, Karl Glazebrook and Ivan Baldry determined that the average color of the universe was a greenish white, but they soon corrected their analysis in a 2002 paper, in which they reported that their survey of the light from over 200,000 galaxies averaged to a slightly beigeish white . [2] The hex triplet value for cosmic latte is #FFF8E7.

Finding the average color of the universe was not the focus of the study. Rather, the study examined spectral analysis of different galaxies to study star formation. Like Fraunhofer lines , the dark lines displayed in the study's spectral ranges display older and younger stars and allow Glazebrook and Baldry to determine the age of different galaxies and star systems. What the study revealed is that the overwhelming majority of stars formed about 5 billion years ago. Because these stars would have been "brighter" in the past, the color of the universe changes over time shifting from blue to red as more blue stars change to yellow and eventually red giants .

As light from distant galaxies reaches the Earth, the average "color of the universe" (as seen from Earth) tends towards pure white, due to the light coming from the stars when they were much younger and bluer. [3]

The corrected color was initially published on the Johns Hopkins News website and updated on the team's initial announcement. [4] Multiple news outlets, including NPR and BBC , displayed the color in stories [5] and some relayed the request by Glazebrook on the announcement asking for suggestions for names, jokingly adding all were welcome as long as they were not "beige". [6] [7]

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